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Lauren Taylor is an accomplished singer and actress.  She began singing professionally at age 14 and opened for Wilson Phillips, Michael Bolton, Debbie Gibson, and Vanessa Williams.   In 2014, she booked the lead role as Harper on Netflix’s Richie Rich.  She recently booked the lead role as Shelby on a new Disney Channel show called Best Friends Whenever. “The show centers on Shelby (Taylor) and Cyd, who when a science experiment goes wrong, become unstuck in tim, leaping forward and backward whenever they want….and sometimes even when they don’t.  Now with the help of their next door neighbor, teenage genius Barry (Gus Kamp), the girls must learn to master their awesome new power as they time-shift through high school. Elinoff, Thomas and Michael Kaplan (Dog With a Blog) will executive produce.  Shelly Jensen (Austin & Ally) will direct multiple episodes.  Production begins in March for a a premiere later this year” and air on Disney Channel.

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